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5 Essential Tips for the Best Hong Kong Trip

A trip to a new city can be tricky. But it is still worth trying since it can enhance your trip experience. The best thing you can do is plan well. You can maximize your time and explore the city's best bits.

This also applies if you are planning a trip to Hong Kong.  As a former British colony,  you can witness a strange mix of Chinese traditions and modern architecture, making it feel like you aren’t in Asia.

Not only that, but you can also admire its skyscraper-studded skyline and excellent tourist attractions during your trip. As a Malaysian, you should include it as your next trip destination. You can make your trip preparation easy by booking a Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong flight ticket.

In this article, you will find some essential tips that you can follow to get the most amazing trip in Hong Kong.

Travel Tips to Hong Kong for First-Timer

1. Learn the Local Language

You may be surprised that most local people don't speak English. That’s why you must take time to learn Cantonese before your departure. That way, you’ll be familiar with the Cantonese language, which might simplify your journey experience.

Cantonese can be challenging to learn due to half a dozen different tones. However,  it’s still a great idea to learn some basic phrases.
You can learn to say  ‘nei hou’(hello) to someone. Or else you may examine to mention either ‘mm goy’ (the greater regular ‘thank you’ To a shop assistant or waiter ) or ‘doh jeh’ (for a person who gives you a gift).

Practice being attentive to Cantonese sounds by watching Hong Kong movies and getting to know more about the culture.

2. Be Aware of  Typhoon Signals

Another observation you want to realize during your vacation is that this city experiences around six typhoons one year on average, the maximum of them mild.

If you’re journeying in spring or summer, there’s a possibility you’ll stumble upon certainly one among them. That's why you need to be aware of your typhoon signals, which can be seen on the city's warning system. 

Signal No. 1 (or ‘T1’) is the weakest grading; it refers to a tropical cyclone that’s an extended manner from Hong Kong but might also need to, although it has some effects. At the opportunity end, the very unusual Signal no. 10 (‘T10’) denotes robust, sustained wind speeds above 118 km/h and adverse force.
Once you reach the T8 level, some shops and services may close, but eating places and the MTR (quick for ‘Mass Transit Railway’, Hong Kong’s huge teach system) continue to operate. 

At T9 or above, visitors ought to stay indoors. The HKO app affords climate warnings for approximate typhoons, rain, and thunderstorms.

3. Get Octopus Card

The next important tip is to obtain The Octopus Card, which is convenient as it allows you to simply tap and go on all modes of transportation in the city.

Not only can you use this card for transportation, but you can also use it to purchase cinema tickets, items from vending machines, groceries from convenience stores and supermarkets, and meals and drinks.

You can purchase this card at the 7-Eleven in the Arrivals Hall of the airport. Remember to top up the card at any 7-Eleven or Circle K store, MTR stations, or via the Octopus app.

Another option you can choose is to use Mobile Octopus by downloading the Octopus for Tourists app. This way, you can buy the necessary items without carrying a physical card. Additionally, you can easily keep track of the remaining balance when you leave Hong Kong.

4. Get Out Of The City 

Hong Kong has so many beautiful views to see which makes you appreciate its diversity and enhance your trip experience. This includes green spaces such as parks or mountains that you can explore to get some fresh air.

Not only green spaces, but you can also take some time to take a trip out to see the Big Buddha or do a hike out at Dragon’s Back, which offers stunning views of the city skyline from afar.

5. Try Hong Kong Local Cuisines

Enjoy your trip to Hong Kong by indulging in its authentic cuisine. Hong Kong is renowned for its diverse food options, from a simple bowl of noodles to a freshly baked pineapple bun or egg tart from a local bakery. 

Additionally, you can't miss out on the iconic roast meats that can be found throughout the city, with mouthwatering options like char siu pork, duck, and goose prominently displayed in restaurant windows.

For a unique food experience, visit a cha chaan teng, or "tea restaurant." Locals believe in these bustling establishments for their delicious comfort food. Don't miss the chance to try the famous baked pork chop rice, "guk ju pa fan," and complement your meal with a refreshing Hong Kong milk tea order.


That’s all five essential tips that you can follow to make the best Hong Kong Trip.  Make your trip more convenient by booking a ticket on the Traveloka app.  Not only to Hong Kong, you can also book a ticket to other countries, including a flight to Taiwan.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your best trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan with Traveloka now! 

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